ToadShow has fully revised and updated our Capability Statement as an interactive PDF.

Six years since the previous printed version, the interactive Capability Statement reflects changes in the company and changes to corporate communications. To see the ToadShow Capability Statement at its best download it as a PDF and view it in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro.

The Capability Statement includes examples from our portfolio spanning 29 years in business from the 1986 Hound of Music poster to the animated cartoon produced for an iPhone app, both on page 11.

During those 29 years we've gone from paste up, hand-drawn animation and analogue cameras to a whole new digital world.

We still recall the day in the early nineties when a friend from the University of Queensland briefed us about new technologies. "This World Wide Web thing is going to be big," he said.

Whatever the technology, ToadShow is committed to clear, intelligent communications. We work with our clients in the best medium to suit their communications needs. Heck, we can even help you produce a Capability Statement.

Click to download the 2017 ToadShow Capability Statement.


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