Donna McDonald words. marks. images. is her on-line artistís journal. She is using this space to document her art making, a reflective process of contextualising and exploring thoughts, emotions, and motivations around making art. It is also a place for her artworks, a place for them to be seen.

Donna says: "In a nutshell it's this: I'm tired of only working with words to tell stories; I'm working with images to find and tell my stories now. What I'm discovering is that I'm loving the learning that arises from drawing: a "difficult pleasure" as one of my art teachers describes it!

"On my web site marks is the area where I am putting my scratchings, scribblings, shadings, daubings and splatters.

"The images of disability I am seeking out are few and far between. In fact, the very difficulty of finding authentic images of disability in the visual arts has pushed me into what I like to call my "Great Big Project". I want to understand how the visual arts investigate, reflect and render peopleís experiences of disability and disablement," said Donna.


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