The latest ToadShow museum project, TradeCoast Central Heritage Park, opened on 17 July 2015 on the site of Brisbane's Eagle Farm Airport. ToadShow took the project from scoping stage, through content development, to production and installation of extensive walking trails and an up-to-the-minute interpretive centre including artefact displays, touchscreen kiosks and a micro-cinema featuring the film "Layers of History".

From the centre's viewing platform visitors can see three heritage-listed sites:
- Convict Farm and Women’s Prison
- Allison Engine Testing Stands
- Hangar No. 7.

As nothing above ground remains of the Convict Farm and Women’s Prison, ToadShow's creatives had their work cut out to bring the story to life. Sculptural elements were used to show the prison palisade and represent convict women working in the fields. Transparent panels revealed former buildings. Interpretive signs explained former prison buildings.

At the Allison Engine Testing Stands and Hangar No. 7 sites, outdoor interpretive signage and soundscapes bring the heritage structures to life.

The ToadShow-designed TradeCoast Central Heritage Park web site, designed to rescale for mobile devices, features three audio tours to guide visitors around the park.


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