Are we seeing signs of screen fatigue? The book is making a comeback. Perhaps itís the amount of design thinking that has been spent on this format since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press around 1440.

Books in the digital age are one of the most effective ways to make a lasting impression.

As innovators, we are very keen to take up new ideas, even when they are old ones.

A history of Queensland through publications and materials designed by ToadShow would cover many of the highlights and a lot of the detail.

One of the first books we designed and produced at ToadShow was a 220 page 1987 volume by Keith Bradbury and Glen R. Cooke celebrating 100 years of the Royal Queensland Art Society.

There have been many others through the years including Camp Oven Cooking with Tommo and the landmark plan for Livable Brisbane published on Brisbane Day, 1993.


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