The Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) site required a revamp of its functionality. ACS wanted to maintained a similar look but emphasize their member-inclusiveness. Networking amongst web site members was a key objective for this update.

The white, black and grey colour palette was carried over from the previous web site. The use of scrolling banner images is the focal point of the homepage. Instead of single images we used several stitched together with a variety of members in different locations to create the feeling of togetherness the ACS sought.

The cycling national sponsor logos are embedded with Javascript and a randomising algorithm so they donít always appear in the same order.

Members of the ACS can update their information on the site, which includes privacy controls allowing members to display their name and membership level, a link to their web site, a sample video of their work and more. Membership can now be renewed online with a fully secure payment gateway with SSL encryption.

The ACS web site is now aesthetically simple and clean but with a great depth to its features.


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