ToadShow and Tell

17 Jun 2019

ToadShow closing office from 1 July

Photo: The Big Cane Toad guarding the first ToadShow office in Lockhart Street Woolloongabba which opened early in 1987. Read more »

13 Apr 2019

Introducing ToadShow's new web team

ToadShow would like to introduce two new members of our web team - web developer Ryan Caswell and IT support Matt Heywood. Matt and Ryan are ecstatic to be part of the ToadShow team. Mes... Read more »

26 Feb 2019

ToadShow and Tell February 2019

ToadShow's quest to go paperless is picking up pace to the point where we are giving away two small filing cabinets. Both are in good condition although the keys have long gone. Also to give away... Read more »

20 Dec 2018

ToadShow and Tell Christmas 2018

Is it Christmas time already? They need to have warnings that appear on your phone. Like BOM. 2018 has been a... well... a year at ToadShow. There have been a lot of... uh... projects 'n stuff. Le... Read more »

2 May 2018

Watch Rob on Gardening Australia

ToadShow's Robert Whyte is presenting a special segment on spiders for the ABC's Gardening Australia this Friday evening 4 May 2018 at 7:30pm. Rob will introduce viewers to his bushcare site at Wal... Read more »

13 Nov 2017

Summer Reading Guide Launch

If you missed the occasion of Rob's 23 June 2017 Avid Reader launch of A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia (CSIRO Publishing), and have been suffering pangs of remorse ever since, don't fre... Read more »

19 Oct 2017

The future of publishing? The amazing story of Kedron Brook

The story of Kedron Brook is told in a new e-book which replaces a large and well-used catchment group website from the early days of the Internet. With a grant from Brisbane City Council, ToadShow wa... Read more »

21 Sep 2017

ToadShow furniture giveaway (and sale)

In the interest of office health we have been busy spring cleaning. We hung ToadShow out over the back balcony and whacked it as hard as we could with old tennis racquets, creating clouds of dust and... Read more »

14 Sep 2017

Exploring Brisbane

Over the past two years, ToadShow has been creating interpretives to tell the stories of Newstead House on Breakfast Creek, researching, writing and illustrating the histories of the area, including t... Read more »

25 Jul 2017

ToadShow mid-winter break

ToadShow will shut for a short mid-winter break on Thursday 27 July and reopen on Wednesday 2 August. The office will be unattended except for our chickens Strawberry and Misfit who will be focuse... Read more »

11 Jul 2017

Buy Rob's Spiderbook or watch him shrivel up and die

How does one go from baby, to child, to poet, to anti-poet, to activist, to small businessman, to arachnologist-author? It's a mystery, but that's the life history of our very own dilettante writer an... Read more »

28 Mar 2017

Remembering Damien

All of us here at ToadShow were shocked and deeply saddened when our friend and colleague Damien Ledwich died last week. While he had been suffering serious health problems for some time, his death at... Read more »

17 Jan 2017

Savills unearths Brisbane's Rich History

Every place has a story and real-estate firm Savills has recognised the value in telling those stories in an initiative called "Brisbane's Rich History". With a little help from ToadShow, Savills h... Read more »

13 Dec 2016

ToadShow Christmas Break

ToadShow office will be closing at 5pm on Friday 16 December and reopening again at 10am on Tuesday 3 January. Anne Jones and Robert Whyte will be answering the telephone 3300 3939, emails, texts a... Read more »

23 Aug 2016

Vote 1 Walton Bridge

Walton Bridge Bushcare Group has been nominated as Catchments Champion in the Cleaner Communities Brisbane awards program. Founded in 2003 by ToadShow's Anne Jones and Robert Whyte, Walton Bridge... Read more »

16 Aug 2016

ToadShow moves to Waterworks Road The Gap

Yes, as foretold, we sold our office in Eton Street Toowong. Eventually! We loved it, but knew it would take time to find a new owner with tastes as quirky as ours. (Thanks to our team of real estate... Read more »

4 Jul 2016

Driving traffic (and getting attention)

Linus Power, MP for the State electorate of Logan (notably held by former Premier Wayne Goss from 1986-1998), has given us two good news stories this week. First is the announcement the Palaszczuk... Read more »

2 Jun 2016

Playwright's beliefs held strong

Errol O'Neill, 8 March 1945 - 23 April 2016 Errol O'Neill was very special to us. We loved him dearly and admired him greatly. We knew him through theatre, political protests, and as a contribu... Read more »

14 Apr 2016

Colourful Words

Colourful words don't always say what they mean The Middle English word "blew" (or "blue" in modern spelling) once meant yellowish-grey. How could this be? The truth is common words for colours... Read more »

30 Mar 2016

Business as usual (or close to it)

ToadShow is going virtual for one day only on Thursday 31 March. Our premises at 2 Eton Street Toowong will be without power from 8am to 4pm on Thursday 31 March due to Energex maintenance in the a... Read more »

16 Feb 2016

For sale: ToadShow's Toowong Office

Yes, ToadShow has outgrown its Toowong office and we're put the building on the market. It's a 405m2 corner block currently being used as two businesses featuring traditional VJ walls, high ceilings a... Read more »

4 Jan 2016

As promised, we're back!

ToadShow is back bright and early for 2016, after a pleasantly cooler-than-normal break in Brisbane. We wish all our clients a very happy New Year. We are recharged and ready for the torrent of re... Read more »

18 Dec 2015

We're still here

The ToadShow office will close at 5.00pm on Tuesday 22 December 2015 and reopen at 9.30am on Monday 4 January 2016. While the office may be closed, we are still around and "on call" for any client... Read more »

10 Dec 2015

Book celebrates Police Union centenary

The Queensland Police Union recently celebrated its centenary with the release of a book called "From Strength to Strength: A Centenary History of the Queensland Police Union of Employees 1915-2015" b... Read more »

4 Dec 2015

Are you responsive?

No we are not getting personal. This is just another way of saying: "Are you mobile-friendly?" Oh yeah, sure, anything can sound suggestive (raises eyebrows). But what we're really talking about here... Read more »

1 Dec 2015

Capability 2016

ToadShow has fully revised and updated our Capability Statement as an interactive PDF. Five years since the previous printed version, the interactive Capability Statement reflects changes in the co... Read more »

30 Oct 2015

Press Here

After 20 years making web sites, and the last 10 with our own Content Management System (Toadal Control) we are now enjoying adding WordPress to our suite of web services. Robert Whyte this week c... Read more »

14 Oct 2015

Kiwirrkurra Bush Blitz

Covered in red dust, a little sunburned, and chock full of great desert photos and experiences, Rob has just got back from Kiwirrkurra Bush Blitz, a two-week Federal Department of Environment biodiver... Read more »

26 Aug 2015

John Flynn Place wins National Trust Heritage Award

ToadShow client John Flynn Place in Cloncurry has won Gold for Heritage Interpretation in the 2015 National Trust Queensland Heritage Awards. The Gold Award recognises ToadShow's major upgrade to J... Read more »

11 Aug 2015

Interactive slideshow Lamington National Park

Visitors to Lamington National Park can see the wildlife and read the history of the area from the comfort of the refurbished visitor centres at Green Mountains and Binna Burra. ToadShow installed... Read more »

5 Aug 2015

Thanks for the fantastic support

ToadShow director Anne Jones sends a big thank you to ToadShow friends and clients for their fantastic support for the Daggy Jumper Day appeal. Anne has raised $762 (so far) for the Brisbane Youth... Read more »

23 Jul 2015

Bringing history to life

On 17 July 2015, Australia's Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove launched TradeCoast Central Heritage Park on the site of Brisbane's Eagle Farm Airport. It was a major event on Brisbane's history cale... Read more »

2 Jul 2015

Wear a daggy jumper to help homeless youth

ToadShow has created a fun new web site for Daggy Jumper Day, Brisbane Youth Service's winter fundraising appeal. With all the money raised going to help homeless youth, Daggy Jumper Day is a great... Read more »

7 May 2015

The Advocate wins 2015 Labour Day Award

The Advocate has won a 2015 Labour Day Award for Best Journal by a Queensland Union in the category "Unions with less than 7,500 members". The Advocate is produced by ToadShow, working closely with... Read more »

24 Apr 2015

Your Final Reports (must seek expert help)

In a strange (or perhaps inevitable) twist of fate, when working on 2014's Review of Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance for our client, the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) we rec... Read more »

16 Apr 2015

New exhibit boosts Cloncurry's attractions

The latest exhibit at Cloncurry's John Flynn Place, a museum commemorating the work of the Royal Flying Doctor Service around Australia, will boost the north-west town's tourism power, said Former Dep... Read more »

8 Oct 2014

ToadShow and Tell - The Advocate Spring 2014

In a world of increasingly electronic and ephemeral communications, a highly-targeted print magazine stands out as a product of substance, demanding to be noticed, read, passed around and kept as a sn... Read more »

12 Aug 2014

A little bit of ToadShow theatre magic for the Ekka

At ToadShow we are used to big scary immoveable deadlines. We also know how to put on a show. When Seqwater called us a month before Ekka opening day with a tricky job refurbishing an interactive map... Read more »

10 Jul 2014

ToadShow and Tell - Get to know Tom Petrie

What would it be like to meet Tom Petrie, one of Brisbane's first settlers? You can find out in new additions to the Royal Historical Society of Queensland's displays at the Commissariat Store on Will... Read more »

21 May 2014

ToadShow and Tell - A room of one's own

ToadShow is such a lean (but never mean) design machine we all fit very nicely in the upstairs of the building we own at 2 Eton Street Toowong. Rather than letting the downstairs pine away unloved, we... Read more »

9 Apr 2014

ToadShow and Tell - Fresh content online and in print

As ever, we've been busy creating quality content on and offline. ToadShow recently completed the web site for progressive Queensland think tank, the T.J. Ryan Foundation. ToadShow also produced the A... Read more »

26 Mar 2014

ToadShow and Tell - Wyaralong Dam outdoor signage

Seqwater's Wyaralong Dam nestles beneath the Scenic Rim, between Beaudesert and Boonah, in the rolling hills and dales along Teviot Brook. When the "fell tyrant" Patrick Logan, Commandant of the Moret... Read more »

11 Mar 2014

ToadShow and Tell - The creek in our backyard

Is there a creek in your backyard? In South East Queensland it would be hard to live far from one. ToadShow directors Robert Whyte and Anne Jones got interested in their creek when they moved into... Read more »

26 Nov 2013

ToadShow and Tell - The incredible shrinking web site

Talk of ToadShow's content management system, Toadal Control, has spread far and wide but did you know we also provide custom HTML services? The ToadShow web team had a blast creating the McCray Denta... Read more »

15 Oct 2013

ToadShow and Tell - Baroon Pocket, now with groovy interpretive subtitles by ToadShow

Next time you are near Montville or Maleny be sure to check out Lake Baroon and experience its history, wildlife, recreational fishing and other types of watery fun and relaxation. Ain't South East... Read more »

25 Sep 2013

ToadShow and Tell - Zillman Electrical rejoins the web

Zillman Electrical is a provider of electrical services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and is committed to providing industry-leading advice, the highest level of service and workmanship. We highly r... Read more »

16 Sep 2013

ToadShow and Tell - Keep your web site simple

The key to effective online communication isn't always a loud site with lots of pages, links, images and videos. Less is more when describing paradise. This was the case when creating the web site for... Read more »

3 Jul 2013

ToadShow and Tell - Time to revamp your web site?

Is your web site looking tired? Was it a breakthrough in the early 2000s but behind the competition now? We understand - we've seen it before. In fact, it is better to have no web site at all than it... Read more »

11 Mar 2013

ToadShow and Tell - Memories of Hiroshima

Memories of Hiroshima tells the story of Australian soldiers and Japanese residents of Hiroshima after World War II. It includes the first-hand accounts of Dan Crane, a Australian soldier serving in t... Read more »

5 Mar 2013

ToadShow and Tell - Give your presentations more impact

In a perfect world, a well-made product would sell itself. This is not a perfect world. If selling your product or attracting new customers to your service requires a presentation then it requires a q... Read more »

20 Feb 2013

ToadShow and Tell - Print is a valuable medium

Print may be a little out of fashion but it is still a very effective way to communicate. ToadShow has a long history of effective print communications. Take a moment to have a look at examples of... Read more »

16 Jan 2013

ToadShow and Tell - 2013 begins

We were pleasantly unsurprised to find the world didn't end last year and we can't wait to get stuck into all the new work 2013 brings. Drop us a line if you have been putting off a much-needed web si... Read more »

10 Dec 2012

ToadShow and Tell - Christmas break around the corner

As Christmas draws near, we hope you have had as good of a year as we have! Our office will be closed between 21 December and 14 January. To contact us during this time, send an email to incoming@toad... Read more »

29 Nov 2012

ToadShow launches environment management services

ToadShow Director Robert Whyte has taken his passion for creek and bush restoration to new heights, registering Creek Rescue and Catchment Care (CRACC) as an Australian business. CRACC is a commer... Read more »

5 Nov 2012

School Musicals

Please forward on to your Head of Department for Performing Arts. Want to do a rock comedy... but don't know where to go? Hound of Music, Sherwoodstock, Phantoad of the Oper... Read more »

26 Sep 2012

ToadShow and Tell - Report Midwives

Delivering a report can be a difficult time for all involved. At ToadShow we like to think of ourselves as report midwives - taking the worry out of the process with professional help, delivering repo... Read more »

13 Sep 2012

ToadShow and Tell - Spring 2012

Flowers are blooming, bees are bumbling and ToadShow's web site has been transformed. Our web site showcases recent projects and key areas of expertise, including book design and publishing, museum... Read more »


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