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Are you responsive?

No we are not getting personal. This is just another way of saying: "Are you mobile-friendly?" Oh yeah, sure, anything can sound suggestive (raises eyebrows). But what we're really talking about here is your web site.

Because Google is penalising sites for not being mobile friendly (and because it's a good idea anyway) we've been looking at upgrading our web clients to Toadal Control 4 (mobile friendly) now on the faster and safer SQL Server as its database platform. Of course, not all sites need SQL Server (capable of 32,767 simultaneous connections as opposed to a mere 256 in the Access database).

Don't glaze over, this is important. Over 50 per cent of all web traffic is now occurring on devices. It must be true, I read it here Wikipedia: Responsive web design.

For small sites surviving just fine on Access, we can tweak the html templates used to display content, a less expensive option than Toadal Control 4. (When we say "tweak" it's still a fair bit of work, but a low cost compared with losing all the valuable content you have built up over many years).

For high-traffic, mission critical sites needing to be bulletproof, like TradeCoast Central Heritage Park, we use Toadal Control 4.

For some new sites, especially web "brochures" or personal sites which don't need Toadal Control's power and flexibility, we have been using WordPress, for example Queensland Commercial Property Savills Queensland, Donna McDonald, and Ethicos.

As always we value the client and the relationship over the technology, so we're happy to support and assist you with whatever direction you choose.

If you want to be "mobile friendly" just give us a call. On your mobile, of course.

One of our new responsive WordPress websites.

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