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After 20 years making web sites, and the last 10 with our own Content Management System (Toadal Control) we are now enjoying adding WordPress to our suite of web services.

Robert Whyte this week completed two WordPress web sites, and

"It's kinda fun when you get your head around it," Rob said.

"Having developed our own system in the early days, when there was no alternative, certainly gives us an advantage when adopting other platforms. The principles of database-backed content are the same no matter where you build it. We created Toadal Control when content management systems were in their infancy. We wanted something to streamline the build, and allow our clients to update their own sites, creating pages, sections, enews, member databases, several more bells and at least a dozen whistles, and still have a beautiful looking web site. There was nothing around so we built our own.

"WordPress has come of age. It started off as a blog, and still retains a lot of the blogging features, but has grown to be a fully-featured web development platform," said Rob.

The advantages of WordPress is the open-source community and its sheer critical mass. There are 66 million WordPress web sites across the web. This means upgrades and improvements to the basic system are put through their paces by millions. They get to be rock solid and very user friendly. Add to that the talented people out there making beautiful themes (templates) and plugins (functionality) from photo galleries to discussion boards.

"We are still continuing to use our own system," said Rob. "The advantages of building your own is you can tailor it exactly to your needs, which is difficult for off-the-shelf solutions when it comes to large complex sites in less commercial areas.

"But the arguments for WordPress (as another string to our bow) are compelling. Setup is fast, populating with content is fun, and when you need help you just Google it. Hosting is much more competitively priced and updates to the basic system to keep up with the times are someone else's problem. They just happen automatically. On a cost basis alone the system is very attractive. We'll be doing plenty of WP sites for existing and new clients for sure."

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