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In a strange (or perhaps inevitable) twist of fate, when working on 2014's Review of Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance for our client, the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) we recalled we had, in 1987, done an earlier tertiary entrance report, wittily titled Tertiary Entrance in Queensland: A Review, also known as the Pitman Report.

Designed by Malcolm Enright, typeset by Robert Whyte, the Pitman Report dated from a time when our ToadShow principals were freelancing out of a house in Lockhart Street Woolloongabba. Malcolm Enright had his own business operating from home in Newmarket.

The people from ACER, who had come to us not knowing this connection, were amazed. Not only were we the same designers, ACER's principal researcher, Gabrielle Matters, had worked on the Pitman Report as contributing editor. ToadShow and client reunited after 27 years! It was like old home week. Break out the lime cordial.

There's a lesson here. If once you were a ToadShow client, you will be again, as surely as night follows day. Yes, if you stray from the path of excellentness, you will one day find your way back, even if it takes 27 years.

The reason is... quality. Some project are just too important to do in-house, as much as you would like the cost-savings of doing them yourself.

If you have a major report, a tight deadline and you need expert help, who are you going to get?


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