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A little bit of ToadShow theatre magic for the Ekka

At ToadShow we are used to big scary immoveable deadlines. We also know how to put on a show. When Seqwater called us a month before Ekka opening day with a tricky job refurbishing an interactive map of the South-East Queensland water network, we said we'd give it a go.

Produced by another company some years ago, the existing interactive needed a little bit of magic to make it zing. There were broken lights, out-of-date information and lots of dust plus the table top format was so high it was impossible for little kids to see all the pretty lights.

When the client suggested we stand the whole thing up, it seemed like the perfect solution. Tony Powell at Planet Productions constructed the frame. Fireworks Digital printed new labels and control panel. ToadShow's Damien Ledwich and Mark Sing learnt a lot about fibre optics, glues and microfibre cloths. Anne Jones' craft skills came in handy with the tiny labels and itty-bitty light tubes.

There were a few hairy moments but the interactive map was ready for delivery with two days to spare. Now everyone at the 2014 Ekka can visit the Seqwater display to marvel at our network of dams. Who knew water infrastructure could be so entertaining?

Seqwater's interactive map of the South-East Queensland water network refurbished by ToadShow for the 2014 Ekka.

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