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ToadShow and Tell - Get to know Tom Petrie

What would it be like to meet Tom Petrie, one of Brisbane's first settlers? You can find out in new additions to the Royal Historical Society of Queensland's displays at the Commissariat Store on William Street.

ToadShow recently completed a Tom Petrie multimedia interactive for the Royal Historical Society of Queensland. When visitors press question buttons, an on-screen Tom answers in a series of short videos about growing up in 1840s Brisbane. The videos are based on Tom Petrie's Reminiscenes of Early Queensland, written down by his daughter Constance. It is one of very few first-hand accounts of Brisbane's convict era.

To extend the display of early Brisbane Town of the Tom Petrie era, ToadShow also produced a interactive panorama allowing visitors to scroll across a watercolour painting, dated 1835. You can pause to select buildings and learn about their history.

Thanks to friends and family

You will remember last ToadShow and Tell we offered our downstairs office to ToadShow "friends and family" (yes, that's you).

Our contacts immediately came up trumps, with "friends of friends" getting in touch the very next day, loving the space and moving in. The new downstairs tenants are from Australian firm Beacon Consulting - quantity surveyors, project managers and building certifiers in the development and construction industry, with offices in Townsville, Cairns, Port Moresby and now Brisbane.

Thanks to our tight network for looking out for us and spreading the word. We owe you a beer. Don't forget to think of our tenants next time you want to survey quantities, manage projects or certify buildings. You'll be glad you did.


Commissariat Store, bordered by William Street,Queen's Wharf Road and the Brisbane River, is the second oldest building in Queensland (1829) the oldest building being the Windmill on Wickham Terrace (1828). However, the Commissariat Store is the oldest occupied building in Queensland, currently being the home of Royal Historical Society of Queensland.

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