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ToadShow and Tell - The incredible shrinking web site

Talk of ToadShow's content management system, Toadal Control, has spread far and wide but did you know we also provide custom HTML services? The ToadShow web team had a blast creating the McCray Dental and Bunyaville Environmental Education Centre web sites with custom HTML.

When creating the McCray Dental web site, we declared war on dull design. We utilised a fresh and clean colour palette of blue and white. The ToadShow-designed logo is styled as an x-ray of someone's chompers, the dividers between navigation links and hero images look like stitches - we went dental mental for this site. The pages aren't cluttered or overwritten. The entire web site is mobile and tablet optimised - the pages re-size as you make your browser smaller.

Click here to visit the site and waste hours increasing and decreasing your browser size. Trust us, hours.

Bunyaville Environment Education Centre got in touch with ToadShow about giving their web site a new look. ToadShow created an immersive online space that transports web site visitors to a place among the trees. The "Magic Spot" QTVR takes it even further. ToadShow used QuickTime and our own world-class photography to create a 360 degree panorama set in beautiful bushland.

Click here to check out the web site and QTVR here.

ToadShow will be closed for the Christmas break. Our last day of business is Friday 20th December 2013. The office will reopen on Monday 6th January 2014. Have a merry Christmas!

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