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ToadShow launches environment management services

ToadShow Director Robert Whyte has taken his passion for creek and bush restoration to new heights, registering Creek Rescue and Catchment Care (CRACC) as an Australian business.

CRACC is a commercial business wholly owned by ToadShow, creating opportunities around the office for more 'name jokes' like "We're on CRACC" and "Let's get CRACCING" and "We're a CRACC team".

Robert Whyte leads a group of professionals skilled in rehabilitating and restoring habitats in catchments. CRACC is affiliated with the Enoggera catchment environmental organisation Save Our Waterways Now (SOWN).

"It's the ultimate dream," Robert Whyte said. "To be paid for doing your hobby. But it's more than a hobby. It really matters. South East Queensland is more fragile than people think. We have to move fast to protect and restore nature in suburbia and across the region. It's precious, worth saving and a key part of our lifestyle.

"We can work with ToadShow clients on their environmental management needs, or corporate volunteering. Anything from a picnic in the park to a full-scale biological survey and restoration. Our services cover the full range of environmental management tasks, from planning and preparation to planting and maintenance. We work for individuals, private companies and governments - anywhere needing specialist environmental knowledge and skills," Robert said.

Site assessment and surveys

Professional habitat quality, amenity and ecological evaluation and documentation for rehabilitation and maintenance, utilising:

  • botanical surveys, terrestrial and aquatic sampling including macro-invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds
  • hydrological assessments including water quality sampling and analysis
  • weed mapping and control
  • identification and assessment of weed threats, including: species mapping on and around project sites, and treatment and control with a focus on protecting existing desirable native vegetation
  • mulching, matting, meshing and earthworks.

Revegetation and restoration works

Well-planned, cost-efficient restorations, utilising:

  • site safety assessments, removal of dangerous materials, and safety barrier installation
  • planned site preparation, planting and maintenance, matching methods with sites to ensure appropriately scaled weed removal
  • erosion control with a combination of barriers, planting and earthworks
  • proven, locally-native habitat plants for initial control of the site, establishment, then an ultimate biodiversity infill phase towards a self-sustaining site
  • maintenance works include mulching, watering and weeding, monitoring of erosion control and water quality devices, biological surveys mapping terrestrial and aquatic fauna health, abundance and diversity
  • community engagement to advise local neighbourhoods of projects and their benefits.

Project management

Smooth, coordinated planning and implementation of projects, including:

  • feasibility studies, consultation with land managers for the site and its adjacent areas, alignment with regulatory frameworks and local laws
  • expert documentation with high-impact communication design
  • event planning and catering for community and corporate working bees and bushcare events.

Want to know more?

Contact Robert Whyte:
Phone: 0409 055 325

Click here to download the CRACC Capability Statement

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The Gap Queensland 4061


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