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Delivering a report can be a difficult time for all involved. At ToadShow we like to think of ourselves as report midwives - taking the worry out of the process with professional help, delivering reports on time and in great health.

ToadShow provides a full publishing service. Whether you are starting a report, editing, fact-checking, or trying to improve its communicative power with a creative touch - we can help. We usually complete the whole job in-house but also have a broad range of freelance specialists available to us. The report can then be distributed digitally, in hard copy or in different formats to different destinations.

We recently completed a performance report for the Griffith University School of Human Services and Social Work. ToadShow writers went through the document with a fine-toothed comb to edit all content. The editorial process included graphic design work for layout and consistency. The final version was delivered in digital and print form. Griffith University Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Sue Spence, said the report set a new high for production and communication standards.

Working with Greater Metro South Brisbane Medicare Local, we produced a report on the Optimal Health program. We drew together information from a variety of sources to create a relevant, concise and clear text. ToadShow's graphic designers finished the report with a crisp layout to fit Medicare Local's design guidelines.

Another report on a larger scale was the 68 page 2011 Roadmap for Regional Development Australia Logan and Redlands. Our work included writing, editing, sourcing images and designing visually consistent graphs and tables, all combined in a professional layout.

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