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ToadShow and Tell Christmas 2018

Is it Christmas time already? They need to have warnings that appear on your phone. Like BOM.

2018 has been a... well... a year at ToadShow. There have been a lot of... uh... projects 'n stuff. Let's see. There are new signs at the Whitsundays. No chances of getting lost now. Plus Spanish poems and Chinese proverbs. Did we do them? That's the rumour. Go visit. Say you came for the signs.

Border Island lookout in the Whitsundays, with newly installed interpretive sign written and designed by ToadShow. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE IN BIGGER VIEW.
Photo credit: Brett Turnbull, Queensland Government.

Just so you know, the ToadShow office will close 4pm on Friday 21 December. Save the planet hurtling to a fiery death in the sun or disappearing due to a misprint in the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it will reopen on Monday 14 January 2019.

We wish all our clients and friends were here, knocking with their elbows. Just kidding, you can leave it to the children to carry in the drinks. See you next year!

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The Gap Queensland 4061


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