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ToadShow furniture giveaway (and sale)

In the interest of office health we have been busy spring cleaning. We hung ToadShow out over the back balcony and whacked it as hard as we could with old tennis racquets, creating clouds of dust and setting free great quantities of surplus cables, pieces of furniture, boxes of stationery, ancient records and bric-a-brac we had forgotten we had. Quite a lot went to the dump and some was given away to the better quality op shops in the neighbourhood.

And still we have more.

The beautiful but quite large desk you see in the attached photograph was simply too big to fit into Anne's Nissan Micra, even with Rob pedalling behind on his penny-farthing bicycle, holding the end up.

Anyone with a ute or small truck is welcome this highly functional and rather attractive piece of office furniture. Yes, it can be yours, totally free, and if you ask nicely we might even give you $7.50 to take the bloody thing away. Will suit anyone with a gaping hole in their meeting room.

For a mere $200 you can also have a Xerox Multi-function Colour Laser Printer, with fewer than 10,000 pages on the clock. It's recently had a full service and a replacement drum. Perfect for the home office. We already have four other printers and would like to reclaim the space.

Don't feel as though you have to take it all yourself, just take what you can carry. There's plenty to go around. If you are interested, please give us a call on 3300 3939 or email

917 Waterworks Road
The Gap Queensland 4061


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