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Buy Rob's Spiderbook or watch him shrivel up and die

How does one go from baby, to child, to poet, to anti-poet, to activist, to small businessman, to arachnologist-author? It's a mystery, but that's the life history of our very own dilettante writer and now scientist Robert Whyte.

How he expects A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia (published 1 June 2017 by CSIRO Publishing) to featherbed his retirement is beyond us here at ToadShow and if he thinks he can put down the quotidian quill or drop the brutal blue pencil for a life of morning television and beer sponsorships, he's got another thing coming.

Yes, it's a major scientific achievement, and it's a beautiful 464 page book with 1,350 stunning images of living animals from the well-known to the fabulously rare, but spiders? C'mon! Yes it has had rave reviews, unprecedented sales, an emergency second printing, and squeals of delight emanating from spider aficionados all across the world ... but spiders? Really?

If, over the past 10 years, you suspected that Rob was somewhat distracted and perhaps not attending to your client needs as solicitously as you might have liked, now you know why.

Knowing how fond you are of him, this must bring a tear to your eye, if not a sharp pain to your wallet, because you know you are going to have pitch in and help him get out of this hole he's dug himself into, at $50 a time. Do you have a family member or colleague you really can't stand? Buy them this book and you'll be sending a poignant message and a few meagre royalties to Rob at the same time.

Photo: Rob Whyte

For the best prices try For the best prices try Booko. If you're coming down with a severe case of scientist-funding, you can buy expensive, paper-bound, signed copies for $50 each directly from Rob himself at 917 Waterworks Road The Gap, the new location of the ToadShow office. Go ahead, don't mind the rest of us.

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