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Savills unearths Brisbane's Rich History

Every place has a story and real-estate firm Savills has recognised the value in telling those stories in an initiative called "Brisbane's Rich History".

With a little help from ToadShow, Savills has been documenting the history of numerous commercial property sites proposed for redevelopment.

The mission is simple. Armed only with a street address, basic title searches and a set budget, ToadShow researchers set out to discover as much as possible about the history of the property. ToadShow then compiles a short history of the property which Savill's provides to potential buyers.

With around 20 histories completed, ToadShow's Anne Jones said the challenge was to keep the stories pithy and interesting without getting lost in the detail.

"The first stop is always the Queensland Titles Office to find out who has owned the property right back to the original land releases. Then we try to piece together the history of who lived there, what was their business, what did they look like - anything of general interest.

"We always check the State Library's Picture Queensland web site to look for early photos. It's a wonderful resource for researchers," Anne said.

Other useful resources are the Queensland Places web site, Wikipedia and John Oxley Library which has loads of books and pamphlets containing local histories. Information about local Indigenous people is included if available.

Savills has compiled the histories into a book which is available here:

The original owner of this property was notorious Patrick Mayne, subject of the book "The Mayne Inheritance". Click on the image to download Moorooka's Rich History PDF (855 KB).

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