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ToadShow moves to Waterworks Road The Gap

Yes, as foretold, we sold our office in Eton Street Toowong. Eventually! We loved it, but knew it would take time to find a new owner with tastes as quirky as ours. (Thanks to our team of real estate agents Tim Packman and Rob Dunne at Savills and especially the amazing Katrina Gibbons at Harcourts who held up more than half our world for months and was there to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat less than 2 hours before settlement was due).

We have now completed the move to 917 Waterworks Road The Gap, close to the main shopping centre, on BUZ route 385 (a bus every 15 minutes) and next door to beautiful Walton Bridge Reserve with its restored rainforest on the banks of Enoggera Creek (see photo).

Please update your records: Snail mail to 917 Waterworks Road The Gap Qld 4061. Tel: 3300 3939. No fax. We are still available on our mobiles and emails as well. If you suffer from failing memory, just Google ToadShow.

If you're in the neighbourhood (or not) consider dropping in to see the new set up. The new office is extremely welcoming and comfortable. If you feel like it, bring champagne. It can't hurt.

It seems busier than ever with lots of interesting work and treasured clients from all the ToadShow eras popping in. It must be the vibe of the thing.

Image: Walton Bridge

917 Waterworks Road
The Gap Queensland 4061


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