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Driving traffic (and getting attention)

Linus Power, MP for the State electorate of Logan (notably held by former Premier Wayne Goss from 1986-1998), has given us two good news stories this week.

First is the announcement the Palaszczuk Government is bringing in simpler and cheaper public transport fares from 1 January 2017, simplifying 23 zones into 8 zones, extending off-peak travel discounts, giving kids free fares on weekends and a whole lot more.

This is good news for public transport, driving private cars off the road and replacing them with greener, congestion-busting buses.

The second piece of good news, especially for his fellow MPs, is that Linus has put together a 4-page newsletter explaining the changes, with a summary, map, details and a survey to get community feedback on the changes. Inside, he highlights the new SEQ Bus App, and the Safe Night Out initiatives.

It's a great model which can be utilised by other MPs by localising the routes and savings and adding a local story.

The collaborative approach we have with clients on jobs like this works well. In this case the intellectual investment is Linus's, presenting us with a range of stories, facts and figures and giving us the freedom to choose and present those stories we think work the best. Then it passes back and forth for wordsmithing and polishing until finally getting the eagle-eye proofreading once over by the amazing Cheryl.

The good news for other MPs is the product is easily customisable locally. The good news for Linus is it adds value to some intensive research and editing. The good news for all of us is cleaner air, fewer cars, safer journeys, and a boost for communities with cheaper public transport.

Logan newsletter 2016

Image: Linus Power MP Newsletter, Special Bus Edition 2016. Click on the image above to download the newsletter PDF (2.9MB).

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