Our approach to project management is friendly and flexible. It can seem relatively informal but in reality it is extremely disciplined.

We manage projects in many ways. We can act as consultants, supervisors, co-workers and collaborators - or take entire responsibility.

Our collaborative approach to project management gives our clients the flexibility to use our skills and experience to enhance and compliment their own strengths and availability in achieving a successful result.

Q: What is the most important aspect of project management?

A: They are all equally important. From original ideas, research, content, scheduling, budgeting, design, production, delivery to quality control. Managing these elements is what it is all about.

Project management services

  • project analysis, planning, scenario mapping
  • concept design plans
  • project budgets and schedules
  • stakeholder, supplier, collaborator and partner management and coordination
  • production specification and management
  • contract documentation and supervision
  • maintenance advice and user training
  • schedules, draw downs and sign offs
  • regulatory, heritage, workplace health and safety and other compliance management
  • post project documentation and debrief
  • post project marketing and media

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