The process of arranging visual elements in ways that are classically correct yet innovative and original applies just as much to a museum display, a web site or a magazine page as it does to your new corporate logo.

We work with clients to demystify design. We believe it is possible, and necessary, to clearly articulate why some designs are good, and others bad. We believe that good design meets specific needs and must always be functional.

It is rare for designers to have the liberty to create a look or an identity without incorporating previous or overarching design issues or opinions. Our designers work together with clients to ensure our products are sensitive to the needs of all key stakeholders in the process, while ensuring core design integrity is always maintained.

Design services

  • branding, logos, corporate identities
  • visual motifs, themes, styles
  • business stationery, design consistency
  • flyers, brochures, newsletters, magazines
  • posters, billboards, exteriors
  • typography, page layout
  • web page design, animation and interactivity
  • standalone interactive interfaces
  • interiors, exhibitions, museums, visitor centres
  • templates, training, consulting
  • design audits and reports.

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