Content creation is at the heart of our business. Our highly-talented writers and designers are renowned for producing original, incisive and memorable content - perfectly suited to its delivery medium.

Our approach is to find clear, unambiguous facts at the heart of our clients’ communication needs and present them to an audience in the most effective way possible.

We research projects with perceptive insight, rigorous pursuit of truth, attention to detail and critical analysis.

Once a project is conceptualised, scoped and researched we tell its story simply and clearly, drawing audiences in and holding their interest.

The information we present must always stand up to scrutiny and must stand the test of time.

Our written content is refreshing and engaging. It is underpinned by our writers’ experience in journalism, copywriting, publishing and editing.

Understanding the elements of good design is an essential skill in the professional content creator. Our ability to capture, create and appreciate images and design is a vital part of our approach to content creation.

Q: How scientifically and historically accurate is your research?

A: We check our facts to the finest detail, often carrying out original research and consulting with leading scientists, historians and other experts. Our status and depth of knowledge in these fields allows us to ask the right questions. As an example, the quality of our work on the signature plants and animals of the Glass House Mountains was greatly enhanced by our peer-to-peer participation in a worldwide network of biologists and ecologists.

Content services

  • Ideas, writing, photography, illustration, animation, video and original music
  • Extensive in-house knowledge of Queensland’s cultural, environmental and political history
  • Identification of key facts, stories and themes
  • Access to professional, private and public information collections
  • Academic rigour in research
  • An eye for powerful, dramatic and appropriate imagery.

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